A Note of Thanks

Dear Lord,

thank you

…for the gift of your Mother and her example of humility, strength, perseverance and grace.  My heart and my life have been deeply touched by her gentle presence and I am grateful each day that she never tires of giving you a little nudge when I am in need.

…for choosing just the right Mom for me.  I am so grateful for your foresight in knowing exactly the kind of mother I would need;

Selfless and always willing to put my needs before her own

compassionate and understanding even when she was tired and worn and even when I was asking more than I should have

a comforting and gentle presence, quiet when I needed her to listen, vocal when I had no words of my own

available, at all times, both hands and heart open and at the ready; ready to hug away my heartaches, dance with me in my moments of success and push me forward with encouragement when I couldn’t find it in me to believe in myself

Thank you Lord, for placing me in the arms and heart of a woman who has taught me so much about what it means to  live the vocation of motherhood, and live it well, a woman I cherish, a woman I am so honored to call Mom.

…for the Mother of my husband; a woman who raised a man I am so blessed to call my soul mate.  She modeled the kind of selfless love for him that he now offers me and his children each day.  I am so grateful for her role in raising a man who is kind, loyal, patient, true, giving and so fun to share this life with.  I am most thankful for her bringing my husband before you in baptism and raising him to know you, to love you and to serve you.

…for our daughter’s birth mother; the woman who gave our child life and loved her enough to place her in our family.

…for all the women in my life with whom I share this remarkable gift of motherhood.  I love to learn with them, laugh with them and grow with them.

Happy Mother’s Day!



7 thoughts on “A Note of Thanks

  1. Thank you honey for those beautiful words and for the joy you place in my heart. Happy Mothers Day to all who read this wonderful blog.

  2. Happy Mothers’ Day to you Nicole and thank you for the example that you show. Your children, your husband and your friends are blessed to journey with you.

  3. You should write greeting cards for a living. Ha, Ha. I am both overjoyed and lifted up by your wonderfully expressed love of Our Mother. You remind me to think about how my own mother has been there with her unconditional love just like Mary. Hope you had an excellent Mother’s Day.

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